College Council

The president’s council is the cabinet of the president which is responsible for executive action on matters directed by the ECMIT Board of Governors, and for the administration, management and functioning of the institution on day to day basis. The council considers, discusses and takes strategic decisions on the issues that affect all units of the institution. In particular, the council:

  1. Plans and approves the annual budget of the institution and forwards it to the board for final approval
  2. Plans and develops the long-term strategic plan of the college
  3. Plans and develops strategies for government and business relations
  4. Ensures institutional effectiveness, integrity and financial viability of the college
  5. Ensures compliance with the UAE Government Ministry rules and regulations
  6. Evaluates plans and approves human, technological and learning resources needs
  7. Plans and approves policies
  8. Acts on the recommendations of the faculty senate
  9. Acts on the recommendations of the academic affairs board
  10. Acts on the recommendations of the marketing and student affairs bodies
  11. Takes collective decisions on matters such as promotion, salary increases, grievances and disciplinary matters

College Council Members:

  • Dr. Edmund Christopher, Chair , Acting Dean
  • Ms. Eliza Geluz , Registrar
  • Ms. Nazia Hussain, Manager, OPIE (Facilitator)
  • Mr. Jatheesh Kumar, Manager of Finance and Administration
  • Ms. Maryam Salari ,Manager of Student Affairs & Happiness and Positivity

Dean’s Administrative Council  (DAC)

The dean’s administrative council is composed of unit heads from the academic affairs committee. The primary responsibility of the DAC is to coordinate the activities of academic units, determine the institution’s academic strategic directions, act on the recommendations of the faculty senate, and develop strategic plans for further development.  It considers and delivers on learning resources such as the library and information technology. The council approves the annual budget of the academic affairs committee and makes recommendations to the president’s council.


DAC  Members

  • Dr. Edmund Christopher ,Chair, Acting Dean
  • Dr. P. Radhakrishnan,Director of Research
  • Dr. Panchali Das, Business faculty (facilitator)

Faculty Senate

The faculty senate is composed of teaching faculty, both full and part-time. It serves as the academic council of the college. It has the primary responsibility for reviewing and approving academic policies, study rules and regulations, new academic programs and the curriculum. In addition, the senate  serves as a collective  forum for raising and discussing faculty matters, concerns, and grievances etc. The senate has the following  responsibilities:

  1. Consider, review and approve  academic policies and  programs
  2. Approve study policies and regulations
  3. Approve the academic catalog
  4. Approve graduating student list
  5. Represent concerns and grievances to the management

The faculty senate  functions through five standing committees that report directly to the Senate.

Standing Committees of the Senate:

  1. Program Effectiveness and Assessment Committee
  2. Program Review and Curriculum Development Committee
  3. Faculty Promotion and Retention Committee
  4. Examination Board Committee
  5. Library Committee