ECMIT The Emirates College For Management & Information Technology

Student Counseling

The Student Counseling Center has a private office space with sufficiently private access. It is the first room on the right-hand side of the reception lounge.The student counseling center is to help students resolve personal concerns and acquire the skills, attitudes, abilities, and insight that will enable them to meet the challenges of student life. The transitions and stresses of life affect all students to a greater or lesser degree and may require the help of a qualified professional.

Counselors are available to provide services to a wide range of concerns in a trusting and confidential setting. The Student Development Office provides a list of professional counselors in greater Dubai if students need or request outside or additional counseling.

Faculty and staff are reminded throughout the year of the student counseling services provided by The student development office. Students are often referred by a member of the faculty or staff for counseling when academic difficulties appear to be related to personal issues. However, all students are seen on a voluntary basis, and are never required to attend counseling sessions.

Students are also referred by others who have had positive experiences in utilizing the student counseling services offered by the student development office.

The Student Development Office, sometimes in conjunction with the academic advising office offers counseling services to all currently enrolled students at the Emirates College for Management and Information Technology.


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