Dr. Radhakrishnan

Chair of Business & Associate Professor

Dr. Radhakrishnan graduated with M.Sc. (Maths) from Madurai-Kamaraj University, India and then completed M.S. (Statistics/O.R) at the University of Western Ontario, Canada . He has also completed M.Tech (IT) from Punjabi University, India. Dr. Radhakrishnan has more than twenty years teaching experience and has held teaching positions in the area of Management Science/System Science in prestigious institutions in India, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and Oman. He completed his Ph.D (Management ) in the area of Operations and Supply Chain Management from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India. Dr. Radhakrishnan has published widely in international journals and international conference proceedings. He has been invited as a resource person to many conferences to deliver specific seminars and also to chair technical sessions. He has held pivotal positions in Business Schools and been responsible for the Academic, Administrative and Leadership role for MBA and Research Programs in Management. Dr. Radhakrishnan has also guided many M.Phil and Ph.D students in Management Studies. Dr. Radhakrishnan has many academic accolades and awards to his credit for outstanding performance in many areas; in particular achievements and significant contributions to higher education and research. He brings with him multi-national experience and multi-disciplinary expertise to the Emirates for Effective Teaching and Learning Processes in order to provide conducive learning experiences to the students at ECMIT