Access Route for UAE Secondary School Students not meeting the Admission Criteria through ECMIT Foundation Program

The two semester long Foundation program provides an access route to national students who wish to progress into non-federal Higher Education or post-secondary Vocational Training Institutions but do not have appropriate credentials (students with scores below 60% on the UAE Higher Secondary exams) of an approved High School Certificate. Foundation Program prepares students for success in these endeavors. The Program involves basic studies in five areas: English, Mathematics, Arabic, Information Technology and Study Skills. For successful completion of this Program, a student is required to obtain a Pass (60%) in each of the subjects mentioned, and a final Completion Certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete and pass all these requirements.

After obtaining a Foundation Program Certificate from ECMIT, students are prepared to pursue higher education at ECMIT and at other MOHESR accredited institutions of higher education in the UAE. However, students who may like to seek admission to ECMIT’S degree programs must take TOEFL Examination in which the minimum passing score must be 500. There is no need to sit for the mathematics entrance test.

Non-Degree Student

A Non-degree students is a student who wishes to enroll in ECMIT’S courses to upgrade employment skills, for transfer credit purposes, or for personal interest and enjoyment. The individual must complete an application form indicating the courses s/he is interested in and purpose of studies. A non-degree student must meet all course prerequisites for any college credit course to be taken. A non-degree seeking student wishing to seek formal admission to degree programs must satisfy the ECMIT admission requirements. After the admission, credits earned in non-degree status can be transferred to the ECMIT’S degree programs upon the approval of the Credit Transfer Committee.