Preparing you for Academic Success

As a quality academic institution, ECMIT has strict entry requirements. Before admission, all students must pass ECMIT’s Mathematics and English Tests in addition to meeting the MOHESR (Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Research) prescribed admission requirements. However, not every one is equipped to satisfy these requirements. Not to worry. ECMIT has designed a series of programs for students who wish to pursue higher education but need extra tuition to succeed.

The Foundation Program

It is a program that prepares you for admission to ECMIT and to other higher education institutions in the UAE. This two semester long program is designed for those students who possess a UAE High School Certificate with less than 60% aggregate score, but who wish to pursue higher studies. The program offers a sequence of courses to enhance their educational background in English, Mathematics, Information Technology, Arabic and other General Studies skills. After successful completion of this program, students are admitted directly into ECMIT’s Associate Degree Programs. In addition, students are provided with a certificate which can be used for admission into other higher education institutions in the UAE.

The Remedial/Access Program

The Remedial program is designed for students who possess a UAE High School Certificate with an aggregate score of 60% and above but who could not pass ECMIT’s admission tests in Mathematics and English. These students are admitted to ECMIT’s Associate Degree Programs on a provisional basis. After successful completion and passing of Mathematics and/or English (TOEFL level) the students are admitted to the Associate Degree Programs on regular basis.

ECMIT offers a series of English courses that prepares you for TOEFL and real life communication in English.

English Language Courses

This program is designed to develop language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. In addition it improves your skill in day to day life and business communication. A component of this program is also designed to prepare students for TOEFL examinations.

Learning Outcome Goals

The ECMIT Foundation Year is designed to meet the following aims :
1. To provide a route to UAE undergraduate degree programs for students with scores below 60% on the UAE Higher Secondary exams.
2. To provide an opportunity for students to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to progress to their intended undergraduate degree program at the ECMIT
3. To foster a positive approach to the acquisition of knowledge and skills in order to promote lifelong learning.
The Foundation Program comprises five core components. The following is a brief on each of the courses under each of the components :
1. Foundation English 1 and Foundation English 2 (FENGL 001 & FENGL 002 )
2. Core Mathematics, Foundation Mathematics 1 and Foundation Mathematics 2 (FM 090, FM 001 & FM 002)
3. Foundation Arabic (FA 001)
4. Foundation IT (FIT 001)
5. Foundation Study Skills (FSS 001)

A certificate of completion is awarded by ECMIT to students successfully completing all courses.

Program Duration

The Foundation Program is so designed such that it can be delivered in full-time mode within two semesters in its complete form. No extension on this time-frame is allowed. This design also enables students who do not attain required standards on certain components the first semester a chance of repeating those modules and attaining required levels in the second semester.
Students entering with appropriate levels of TOEFL scores and ICDL passes may even be able to complete the program in one semester Program Completion Requirement

In order to complete the program , the student will need to satisfy the following requirements within 2 semesters

1. Attain a score of 500 or more (400 in case student plans to pursue University studies in Arabic) on the paper based TOEFL or attain equivalent scores on other internationally recognized exams as approved by the CAA
2. Attain a Pass mark on each of the ECMIT courses in Core Math( FM090), Foundation Math 1(FM001) or Foundation Math 2 (FM002)
3. Pass the ECMIT course in Foundation Arabic (FA001)
4. Pass modules (2,3,4,6, and 7) on the ICDL exam or pass equivalent ECMIT Foundation IT course (FIT001).
5. Pass the ECMIT Foundation Study Skills course (FSS001).

Minimum passing grades will be benchmarked at 60% for each of the courses. The final grade for each course/ component will be classified using the following ranges
Weighted average calculated using all components of the assessment system

Marks Grade
0 – 59 Fail (F)
60 – 100 Pass (P)