General Information

This unit is responsible for planning and supporting the College’s technological services. It provides, maintains, upgrades and secure hardware, software, telecommunications, and network services in support of ECMIT’s educational and administrative operations. In addition, this unit provides adequate safeguards for electronic storage and backup of student records and financial records; provides and services student computing laboratories; and provides support to faculty members in the class rooms, especially in IT courses and computer assisted instructions.

The Head of Computing and Technology Services is responsible for installing and maintaining computer Hardware, software and network infrastructure, training and consultation, Recommendations about future planning and development of resources. Providing these services in an effective and efficient manner will ensure maximum access to and implementation of technology services and resources.

In conjunction with the Faculty Senate, we identified the development of an institutional-wide technology plan as a high level institutional priority. This, along with the processes that led to its development, represents an important milestone in the development of the institution. It serves as a compass to guide plans and initiatives at all levels of the institution. It is also the expressed intention that the document and the action plans based on it provide increased clarity of purpose and accountability for actions.


Provide, maintain, upgrade, and secure a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure of hardware, software, telecommunications and network services in support of ECMIT’s educational and administrative operations.



  1.   Provide information technology infrastructure to meet the needs of the college.
  2.   Provide information technology support services to meet the needs of students, faculty and the staff.
  3.   Enhance the use of information technology resources for teaching, learning, research and scholarship.
  4.   Provide training to staff, student and faculty for the use of college IT Infrastructure.
  5.   Develop and manage information technology division efficiently, effectively.



  1. Establish the information technology infrastructure necessary for teaching, research and support units
  2. Help faculty deliver the curriculum efficiently
  3. Provide students with resources to enrich their educational experiences
  4. Upgrade and install new software and hardware to keep pace with technical  advances in education
  5. Provide technology training as part of  professional development program
  6. Provide adequate safeguards for the electronic storage and back-up of student  records
  7. Manage information technology effectively and efficiently


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