The College offers two non-credit pre-collegiate remediation courses of study – one in English and one in Mathematics for applicants who show sufficient promise for academic success at ECMIT, but who are judged to be deficient in their achievement and readiness to begin collegiate studies. Such applicants for admission will be granted provisional admission to ECMIT. Full admission will be contingent upon the successful completion of the prescribed remedial requirements in one or both of these courses. Applicants who, in the judgment of the Manager of Admissions or based upon the results of required placement testing, lack significant potential to succeed in the remedial and regular program at ECMIT will be denied provisional admission.
Students granted provisional admission are required to successfully complete one or both of their remedial courses and must pass the exit exams in those courses with a score of 60% or better before they can register for collegiate level courses. Should they fail to do so after one semester of remedial study, those students will be given the opportunity to register for the same remedial course(s) for a second semester. Failure to pass the exit exam of a remedial course after the second attempt will result in academic dismissal from ECMIT.
The syllabi for the remediation courses – ENGL INT, Foundation Course in English, and MATH 090, Foundation Course in Math, can be found under the section titled “Course Descriptions.” The remedial course in English focuses on the development of pre-collegiate writing skills in preparation for ENGL 110, English Composition. The remedial course in mathematics focuses on the development of pre-collegiate algebraic skills in preparation for MATH 110, College Algebra. Although the fees charged for registering for each of these remedial courses will be equivalent to the cost of taking a three-credit course, successful completion of a remedial course will not yield any degree credit and grades earned in remedial courses will not be calculated in the student’s cumulative grade point average.