The general education courses are designed to educate you with the knowledge and expertise of the intellectual and cultural life, to enhance your ability to think critically and independently, and to learn to deal with the complexities of the today’s world.

The General Education Division offers courses that contribute closely to the goals and outcome- based objectives of the academic programs. These courses are offered according to a well defined plan to ensure and reinforce effective knowledge and skill acquisition, support students’ learning and performance in the whole program, and pave the way to the courses in their field of specialty so as to achieve academic competence of international standards. This is done mainly through effective advising, suggested roadmap, and an excellent synthesis of objectives and learning outcomes of all the courses. Learnin goals and program outcome:

Learning Goals and Program Outcomes

Goal 1: Communicate effectively and proficiently
Learning outcome 1: Graduate students will be able to communicate correctly and proficiently in English

Goal 2: Enhance computer literacy and quantitative skills.
Learning Outcomes 2: Graduate students will be able:
A. Use and apply computer skills to complete various academic tasks
B. Use and apply mathematical and quantitative skills.

Goal 3: Understand and apply fundamental concepts to real life.
Learning Outcomes 3: Graduate students will be able to:
A. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of human behaviour and culture
B. Demonstrate ability to relate concepts in practical situations

Goal 4: Develop critical thinking skills to solve problems.
Learning Outcomes 4: Graduate students will be able to:
A. Demonstrate and apply critical thinking skills.
B. Demonstrate ability to use acquired skills and knowledge to bring changes to the community

Goal 5: Implement knowledge and skills for personal development
Learning Outcomes 5: Graduate students will be able to:
A. Demonstrate ability to effectively communicate in business environment
B. Use and apply interpersonal skills
C. Work and be productive in a work team

Program Structure

General Education Requirements (43 Semester Credits)

Humanities Courses – 19 Credits
Social Science Courses – 12 Credits
Mathematics & IT Courses – 9 Credits
Natural Science courses – 3 Credits
Total – 43 Credits

Humanities Courses (19 credits)
GE 1105 Essential Skills for College Success 1 credit
GE 1101 English Composition 3 credits
GE 1201 Effective Reading and Writing 3 credits
GE 1104 Public Speaking 3 credits
GE 3103 Business Communications 3 credits
GE 3202 Critical Thinking 3 credits
GE 4201 Senior Seminar 3 credits

Social Science Courses (12 credits)
GE 2101 Islam and the Middle East 3 credits
GE 1202 Essentials of Economics 3 credits
GE 3101 Psychology 3 credits
GE 3102 Fundamentals of Public Administration 3 credits

Mathematics & IT Courses (9 credits)
GE 1102 College Mathematics 3 credits
GE 1103 Software Applications 3 credits
GE 3203 Informatics 3 credits

Natural Science Courses (3 credits)
GE 1203 Environmental Science 3 credits