CEPD offers an opportunity to get the best of both the worlds – earn an academic degree along with professional qualification. Students enrolling for AS/BBA programs can also pursue a professional course, the Associate Diploma and Diploma in Interior Design.

  1. CEPD prepares students for successful careers by creating a physical and intellectual environment in which they are challenged to realize their full potential.

  2. The college also provides students with the opportunity to enhance and upgrade their academic qualifications and professional skills to continue their studies.

Education at CEPD is affordable, with the option of paying fees in installments.
The Associate Diploma Course in Interior Design

This course is a thorough introduction to the subject, comprising 12 detailed lessons with accompanying assignments and some 30 Worksheets. Students will have the opportunity to gain a thorough grounding in the subject, and be able to continue to the more comprehensive course.

Subjects covered include: elements and principles of design, detailed color theory, including full development of color schemes; materials such as wood, stone, metal, glass, etc.; how to present sample boards; measuring rooms and estimating materials quantities; simple plans and elevations; decorative paint finishes; planning rooms; soft furnishings – textiles, window treatments, upholstery, carpets; internal fittings; lighting; making the most of your time when you visit exhibitions; professional practice; and much more besides.

Successful graduates will receive a Rhodec International Associate Diploma.
The Diploma Course

Trains the students to know, understand and put into practice the prime essentials of successful interior design. There is great scope for the trained interior designer, now recognized by a public that wants, more and more, authoritative advice on the correct use of space, arrangement of furniture, lighting and the selection of colors. Not only homes; the business world has also realized that efficiency increases and sales can soar when people are working in the right environment. Interior designers have a wonderful opportunity in designing for shops, offices, hotels and banks.

Success in the Diploma Course will be measured partly by continuous assessment of student’s work during the course and partly by the Final Test. This will evaluate their achievement over the whole course. The college will provide an environment to simulate as far as possible the conditions under which a designer will work, and the Final Test, therefore, will be based on design projects which will be carried out under office conditions and will then be submitted to Rhodec representing the client. In this way student’s will be gaining practical experience of how work is carried out in a professional design studio, and any problems they encounter in running an office can be unraveled with the help of the instructors.

Subjects covered include: Materials; A History of Interior Design; Drafting for the Interior Designer; Design; Color; Furniture and Fittings, Part One & Two; Construction of Interiors; Professional Practice; Final Test.