Credit Transfer Committee

Dr. Lee Wan Ling Business Faculty (Chair)    
Dr. Radhakrishnan  Director of Research
Mrs. Eliza Geluz   Registrar 
Dr. Y. Padma   Business Faculty
Dr. Amer Ibrahim   IT faculty 
Mrs. Mariam Salari  English faculty (Facilitator)
Other Information
Reporting to:                                     Dean of Academic Affairs
Meeting Frequency:                         As and when required.
Terms of Reference
  1. Student who applies to join ECMIT may ask for credit transfers.

  2. The applicant’s previous institution must recognized by MOHE& SR.

  3. Transfer of credits may be given when at least 75% of the content of the proposed transfer courses are deemed to be equivalent to the ECMIT course by the Transfer committee.

  4. Credits to be transferred to any program should be at least C grade.

  5. The maximum approved credits must not exceed 50% of the total credits of the program for which transfer of credit is sought at ECMIT.

  6. Students should submit official transcripts as well as official course descriptions or syllabi from the previous institution to the Admission department in order to process the transfer of credits.

  7. The Committee’s decision regarding all transferred credits should be approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs who forward it to the Admissions and Registration Department for recording and filling. 


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