Enrollment Management Committee


Mrs. Eliza Geluz                        Registrar (Chair)
Mrs. Nazia Hussain   Acting Manager, OIPE (Facilitator)
Mrs. Mariam Salari TOEFL Administrator & Interim Manager of Student Affairs
Meeting Frequency:  
Reporting to:                                     Dean of Academic Affairs
Meeting Frequency:                         Once a week and as and when required
      For the terms of reference, this Enrollment Management Committee:
Terms of Reference
  1. Develops an Action Plan for ECMIT Promotion and Student Recruitment based on Marketing Strategy.

  2. Considers student concerns on admission, registration, advising and suggest remedies.

  3. It studies the Admission and Placement policies and their impacts on the admissions, ensure compliance with MOHESR regulations and suggest improvements.

  4. Develops an information package that contains summary information on admissions, entrance examinations, tuition and discount policies etc.

  5. Develops and ECMIT promotion film, place it on the website and use it for recruitment and promotional purpose.

  6. Develops innovative program leaflets.

  7. Organizes student orientation and introduce them to ECMIT policies and procedures, and support services.

  8. Organizes open houses.

  9. Modernizes the registration and tuition payment system, which is more student-friendly.

  10. Develops a calendar for year round TOEFL & Other tests, introduces adequate training sessions, and publishes the full information on the website and other promotion materials in advance.

  11. Ensures that class schedules are developed by the registration at least two weeks ahead of the beginning of a semester. Works with the students to understand and addresses their concerns.

  12. Reviews the base tuition fees in consideration of the market economic conditions and those of the competitors by appropriate recommendations.

  13. Studies the tuition discount policies and makes awareness to students and companies.

  14. Conducts survey on offering weekend classes.

  15. Tracks student retention, attrition and graduation rates, and conducts surveys on the cause of each issue.

  16. Modernizes ERP to introduce online registration, admission and counseling system.


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