Exam Board Committee

Dr.Lakshmi C.R       Business Faculty (Chair)
Dr.Edmund Christopher       Chair of GE & Foundation Program
Dr.Panchali Das       Business faculty (Facilitator)
Mrs. Mariam Salari       Interim Manager of Student Affairs
Other Information
Reporting to:                                     Dean of Academic Affairs
Meeting Frequency:                         During Exams and as and when required


This committee is composed by the Dean in consultation with the Dean’s administrative council. Reporting to the Dean, and working  in close cooperation with dean, academic heads, Registrar and the faculty, the EBC organizes and  conducts all examinations ,and ensures  the integrity .  In specific, the EBC  has the following functions:Remit:

  1. To decide on the dates of examinations, assist the dean and the registrar in the development of examination schedule, and  issue hall tickets.

  2. To develop a proctoring schedule and proctoring guidelines

  3.  Once approved by the dean, to disseminate the schedule information to students and the faculty

  4. To prepare examination venues including laboratories.

  5. To set examination guidelines on collection and distribution of question Papers, answer scripts, and uses of calculators, mobiles and i-pads in the examination hall.

  6. To set guidelines on detecting and reporting academic dishonesty cases

  7. To ensures the sitting arrangement for students taking different courses in the same venue

  8. To ensure that the proctors report to the duty in time stipulated by the EBC, and to take action against violators. 

  1. Chair : A senior faculty member

  2. Two senior faculty members, one each from business and IT disciplines

  3. One faculty from GE unit

  4. Manager of Advising and Registration

Confidentiality of Examination Papers

  1. Each faculty member is responsible for the confidentiality of his/her examination question paper. ECMIT will extend assistance to faculty members in maintaining confidentiality of the examination.

  2.  Guidelines on confidentiality of papers are issued by the Exam Board, and specific suggestions are addressed to new security threats that may arise.



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