Effectively market the educational opportunity at ECMIT for traditional and nontraditional students and process applications for admission in a professional and timely manner in accordance with the College’s approved policies and national standards for institutional licensure and program accreditation in the U.A.E.


As indicated in ECMIT’s Mission-Driven Plan for Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness, this office’s primary goals will be to support the attainment of institutional goal/objective:

  1. Welcome and support part-time as well as full-time students;

  2.  Engage local area high schools and businesses to create awareness of postsecondary educational opportunities at ECMIT;

  3.  Align admission and placement standards and beginning coursework with the academic preparation of prospective students

  4. Secure and maintain all appropriate MOHE licensure and accreditation.

This unit must also achieve the following operational objectives:
  1. have clearly defined and published admissions policies consistent with ECMIT’s purpose;

  2. have qualitative as well as quantitative admission requirements;

  3. admit only secondary school graduates or equivalents with records that predict student success;

  4. address and notify applicants of advance standing and acceptable transfer of credit;

  5.  refuse to award credit for life experience;

  6. state conditions governing provisional and probationary admission;

  7.  follow and apply admission policies consistently; implement purpose-driven safeguards in admission decisions;

  8. avoid compromising admission policies to achieve a desired enrollment; and portray ECMIT accurately and truthfully in recruiting activities.


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