Non-Degree Student

A Non-degree students is a student who wishes to enroll in ECMIT’S courses to upgrade employment skills, for transfer credit purposes, or for personal interest and enjoyment. The individual must complete an application form indicating the courses s/he is interested in and purpose of studies. A non-degree student must meet all course prerequisites for any college credit course to be taken. A non-degree seeking student wishing to seek formal admission to degree programs must satisfy the ECMIT admission requirements. After the admission, credits earned in non-degree status can be transferred to the ECMIT’S degree programs upon the approval of the Credit Transfer Committee.

Admission Procedures

Degree Programs

A student seeking admission to ECMIT must contact the College’s Admissions Office. Several stages of admission follow thereafter.

Stage 1:

Sharing information on ECMIT’s academic programs and admission requirements and regulations, and preliminary determination of the student’s eligibility for admission to any of the college programs.

Stage 2:

The student fills in the Application form and file it with the Admission Office with following documents: