Dr. Perfecto G. Aquino, Jr.
Area of Research

Human Resource Management ,SMEs and CSR

Research Topic


International Collaboration (please mention the Names of co-researchers, their university, and funding bodies if appropriate)

  1. Dr. Consuelo Canlas Callang-Professorial Lecturer at Centro Escolar University,Philippines

Statement of Problem

The present study is designed to help urban migrants in a city in Metro Manila ,Philippines and migrant workers in identified areas in the Middle East, to prepare for the possibility  of displacement-which usually occurs after relocation or  displacement by war or closure of a job.

There are two settings for this study which is a collaborative effort between two  investigators .One is based in UAE and would work on a program along Micro-Business Start-Ups to help those migrants who generally end up displaced after a company   finishes its contract. Or when war  forces them to return home to their country  of origin .The program will be introduced with the help of NGO’s and Churches.

Setting # 2 will take part in Manila. Migrants from the provinces who settle in Metro Manila , usually end up as part of informal settlers or even the urban poor .These migrants   puts a drain on city resources and add to the problem of  government resources stretched to the limit.

When overseas migrants come home  , the problems in the Metro Manila area increases.  As observed, a program like introducing Micro-Business Start-Ups may help. The study will explore the manner in which –such a program may be put –in place so as to help ease these displaced members of society –be re-integrated into  a purposeful way/ quality of life without putting a heavy drain on  government resources and infra-structure.

Research Method

The study will employ the IPO Model, and use  Mixed methods in data gathering. FGD, Interviews will help validate data generated through a questionnaire

Peer-reviewed publications in the last three years


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A Study on Virtual Organization in Tehran-Iran: Basis of Solidarity of Economic Group  in Embarking on Virtual Organizations


P. Aquino, L. Rile .Jade Opulencia

International Journal of Arts and Sciences

Corporate Reputation as Correlates of CSR :The Case of Coca-Cola


P. Aquino

Macrotheme Review





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