The Emirates College for Management & Information Technology (ECMIT) is a private, non-federal, institution of higher education located in Dubai, U.A.E. The College is licensed by the U.A.E. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research that offers two-year Associate of Science degrees in Business and Information Technology, and a 4 year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with concentrations in Management, Marketing and Human Resources.


Emirates College for Management & Information Technology (ECMIT) will be a premier, licensed and accredited institution of higher education which is recognized, respected, and valued in the region for its excellence in education, and for its accessibility and affordability to high quality academic and professional programs.


ECMIT is a private institution of higher education. Its mission is to develop well educated citizens in the UAE through teaching, learning, scholarship and community services. To fulfill this mission, the college offers high quality degree programs in business and information technology that are accessible, convenient and affordable for students who vary in age, background, and ability. These degree programs build on a sound sequence of coursework that integrate general education, core areas, specialized courses, professional skills, and career focused education, empowering students to develop and achieve their personal and career potentials

ECMIT Core Values

ECMIT founders and management understand and recognize the fact that the true development and fulfillment of the Mission and Goals cannot be achieved without a committed Staff, Faculty and Students. The college further recognizes that it must develop and foster a transparent and collegiate environment in which the college community could function with a sense of belonging and responsibility and in which the public at large could repose its trust. Consequently the college has developed and publicly announced a set of core values that it stands for:

  1. We value the well-being of our students

  2. We value the well-being of our faculty and staff

  3. We value the quality and integrity of our academic programs

  4. We value the personal and professional development of our students to highest standard

  5. We value and recognize our responsibilities to develop well qualified graduates who will contribute to UAE’s socio-economic and cultural development.

  6. We value honesty and fairness, and we will not tolerate corruption

  7. We value our collaboration and partnership with academic institutions, business and government organizations with in the UAE and abroad.

  8. We value open and honest communication, and transparent and accountable decision making

  9. We value the reputation and integrity of our institution within the UAE and beyond

  10. We value human life and dignity irrespective of their nationality, religion and gender

Institutional Goals and Objectives

In order to achieve its mission, ECMIT has developed a set of four Goals and objectives as follows:

Goal 1:
Develop qualified citizens through teaching, learning and scholarship in Business and Information Technology who will be equipped for professional success.

1a.     Offer broad based world class degree programs in core areas of Business and Information Technology that prepare students for responsible leadership in an evolving global environment and for higher studies.

1b.     Offer a curriculum, for each program, with an appropriate mixes of general education, core, major/specialization/concentration and elective courses.

1c.     Offer a program of study that contains opportunities for students to obtain current and practical knowledge, skills, and values that encourage a culture of scholarship

1d.     Establish an integrated review system that ensures quality of academic programs, curriculum, instructions and support systems.

Goal 2
Provide accessible and affordable higher educational opportunity for traditional and non-traditional students.

2a.     Offer day, evening and weekend classes to accommodate working adults as well as traditional students for full time and/or part time studies

2b.     Provide learning opportunities for academically under-prepared students by offering Remedial programs in relevant courses

2c.     Provide learning opportunities for students securing below 60% marks in the UAE secondary school examination by offering a Foundation Program in appropriate courses so as to prepare them for higher education.

         2d.     Keep the tuition fee structure affordable and offer a flexible payment plan.

         2e.     Offer a substantial set of courses in the summer to permit year-long study.

2f.     Engage high schools and businesses to create awareness of post-secondary educational opportunities at ECMIT.

2g.     Align admission and placement standards and beginning coursework with the academic preparation of prospective students.

Goal 3
Contribute to the UAE’s economic development by providing continuing professional education and outreach programs for lifelong learning.

3a.     Respond to a need for developing a professional workforce with practical hands-on knowledge, abilities, skills and technical expertise.

3b.    Collaborate with businesses to offer career enhancement non-degree professional development programs in Business, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Hospitality & Tourism, Interior Design, Information Technology and Information Management Systems.

3c.     Offer vocational programs for adult learners in Computer Literacy, Information Technology and Language Proficiency.

Goal 4
Maintain a high level of quality in the students’ overall educational experience and in all aspects of the institution’s operations.

          4a.     Build a well-qualified teaching faculty

          4b.     Provide quality learning facilities and educational support resources

          4c.     Maintain a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure in support of instruction and operations

         4d.     Create a campus culture that is student-oriented which promotes strong personal concern for the welfare, development and success of all students

         4e.     Create and maintain an effective advising system which assists students with their educational goals and objectives

         4f.     Design policies and procedures to facilitate transfer of credits

         4g. Secure and maintain all appropriate MOHE licensures and accreditations