President’s Council Committee 

Professor AbdulSattar Al-Alusi        President & CEO (Chair)
Dr. Ismail Al-Ani                                   Dean of Academic Affairs &IT Chair
Dr. Apollos Goyol                                 BBA Chair 
Dr.Edmund Christopher                    GE Chair
Dr. P. Radhakrishnan                          Director of Research 
Mrs. ElizaGeluz                                    Registrar
Mrs. Nazia Hussain                             Acting Manager, OPIE (Facilitator)
Mr. Jatheesh Kumar                            Manager of Finance and Administration    
Mr. Abheesh Antony                           IT Administrator
 Mrs. ShivyaSreesan                            Librarian Assistant
Mrs. Maryam Salari                             Interim Manager of Student Affairs


Other Information:  
Reporting to :                                   President Council
Meeting Frequency:               Once a month or as and when required     
Terms of Reference
  1. The aim of this committee is to provide counsel to the President for collective decision making.

  2. The committee acts as a forum for collective decision making and responsible for operational policy setting and approval.

  3. The committee follows up the operations of administrative and other services to ensure the required supports for the academic programs.

  4. The committee ensures effective communication within all levels of the institution and across divisional areas with the effective exchange of information through the careful composition of the committee.

  5. This committee suggests policies for the President and BOG approvals.

  6. This committee ensures the institutional effectiveness, integrity and financial viability of the institution.

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