Program Review, Curriculum Planning and Development Committee

Dr. Ismail Al-Ani IT Director (Chair)
Dr. Apollos Goyol Chair of Business Administration
Dr. P. Radha Krishnan   Director of Research
Dr. Edmund Christopher Chair of GE and Foundation Program
Dr. Lakshmi C.R Business faculty
Dr. Y. Padma Business faculty
Dr. Amer Ibrahim   IT faculty
Mrs. Mariam Salari English faculty (facilitator)
Other Information 
Reporting to:                                     Dean of Academic Affairs
Meeting Frequency:                         Once in a week and as and when required.
The specific functions of the committee are:

a) To act on all curricular and course proposals that have been put forth by a department.

b) To formulate the rules and procedures used to submit curricular additions and/or changes using the guidelines that have been established by the Committee.

c) To develop and maintain necessary forms used to request curricular and course changes.

d)To review the results of course evaluations for every course taught at ECMIT on a semester basis and propose modifications as and when it deems necessary to the faculty senate.

e) To conduct continuing studies of courses and programs of study and to make recommendations concerning desirable alterations, additions, or deletions.

f) To determine and study the implications of suggested changes in courses, curricula and academic requirement for degrees. Then, make recommendations, based upon the study, to the appropriate academic and administrative officers.

  1. Director of Research and Academic Assessment

  2. Four senior faculty members

  3. Two senior student representatives

 Selection of Chair 
  • The Dean or the Director of Research  will chair this Committee



  1. Each new program proposal should be presented by the appropriate department Division Chair or faculty member clearly outlining its purpose, goals, learning outcomes and the curricular structure.

  2. Proposals should also contain an explanation of how resources will be obtained or reallocated to accomplish the curricular changes requested and how these changes relate to the mission of the department and ECMIT.


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