Proposed MBA Program

ECMIT has submitted a proposal to launch an American style 36 credit Master of Business Administration (MBA) program to CAA of the Ministry of Higher education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) of the UAE Government. The The program has five specialization areas such as Leadership & Organizational Development, Strategic Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Finance. The approval is still pending, and the program will be launched only after the initial approval of the CAA.


Program Mission

The mission of the 36 credit MBA Program is to provide students with advanced business, management and leadership expertise and skills that are necessary to meet the demands of today’s business and corporate world. We achieve our mission through offering a multi-dimensional curriculum that is designed to equip students with a broad based knowledge of multi-dimensional business operations with a focus on specific business discipline. The mission is further achieved through a set of expected learning outcomes that are carefully linked to the course learning outcomes.

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

The 36 credit MBA program is an advanced extension of the current BBA program. It is a broad-based program designed to enhance students’ management and analytical decision-making skills necessary to function in a globally diverse and challenging business environment. The diverse range of courses offered in the MBA Program is intended to introduce students to a wide range of expertise and knowledge in advanced level business functional areas. The objective is to broaden the extent and develop the intensity of learning in order to enhance their management, analytical and leadership skills required by today’s UAE and Global job markets. MBA Program Goals have been developed to achieve these objectives. The program goals and the associated learning outcomes are outlined below:

The Learning goals of the MBA program are developed to impart knowledge in four Key areas:

a. Core Business Knowledge

b. Leadership, Management & Problem Solving skills

c. Current business issues awareness

d. Focus on specialized areas