Murali Nair

Government and Public Relations Officer
Office no. 104;Tel: 04 2675016 (ext. 111)

This unit, headed by an experienced manager, is responsible for ECMIT’s relations and dealings with government agencies, non-government, public and private agencies and public at large. In specific, the unit deals with visa and immigration issues of the foreign faculty, staff and students, and assists them in relocating to the UAE.

In addition, the unit is responsible for college licensing from the department of economic development and ministry of higher education of the UAE government, local sponsorship, and correspondence with BOG members on Board meetings, and overseeing contracts and agreements with external community. In addition, the manager assists the President in developing community and government relations by organizing social events with alumni, public, business and government officials and organizations.

The unit head Murali Daran Nair holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce and a diploma in Nursing, and possesses around 30 years of experience in related areas.

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