Application and Admission Fees (for ASIT, ASB & BBA)


Application and admission Fees                                                                    AED 3000/-

(Only TOEFL fee AED 600.00 will be reimbursed if a student withdraws 

Within 7 days of taking admission. The rest is non-refundable)



Application Fee

AED 700/-

Registration Fee (per semester)

AED 500/-

Diagnostic Test Mathematics

AED 150/-


AED 600/-

Activity Fee

AED 500/-

Internet, LMS and Library Fees

AED 500/-

Identity Card

AED 50/-



Service Charges




Library fine (per  day) 

 AED 1/- 

Misc. Student Letters (pre letter)


          Within 24-48 hours

 AED 25/- 

          URGENT (Same Day)

 AED 100/- 

Visa Letter (per letter)

 AED 100/- 

Grade Appeal

 AED 100/- 

Re-Sit / Missed Exams (Per Course)

 AED 350/- 

Late Payment of Tuition Fee




           For Regular Semesters (per Semester)

 AED 500/- 

           For Summer Sessions (per Semester)

 AED 300/- 



Late Registration Penalty Fees (Per Semester)

 AED 500/- 

Change of Concentration Fees

 AED 1000/- 

Bounced Check fees

 AED 200/- 

File reactivation fee

 AED 1000/- 

Application for Credit Transfer Evaluation

 AED 250/- 

Request for evaluation of prior learning 

 AED 500/- 

Credit Transfer Fee (Per Credit

 AED 150/- 

Graduation Fees

 AED 400/- 

Diploma Processing Fee

 AED 300/- 

Transcript Fee

 AED 50/- 

Application fee for challenge Examination

 AED 500/- 

 Fee for credit earned by challenge Examination


            For core courses

 AED 1450/- 

            For General education courses

 AED 950/-