Staff Review, Promotion & Retention Committee


President and CEO  (Chair)

Dean of Academic Affairs – Member

Director of Research – Member

Manager, Administration and Finance – Member

HR Officer (Facilitator)

Other Information:

Reporting to:                                            College Council

Meeting Frequency:                                As and when required.

Staff Evaluation:

  1. Evaluation Criteria and Forms
  2. Performance Targets


ECMIT believes in the growth and development of all of its employees and encourages and provides opportunity for self-development and advancement. As part of that, and overall institutional effectiveness process, a performance review is conducted annually with each employee to improve individual performance and to prepare for the next year.

The focus of the review is to ensure employees understand their areas of responsibility and how well they are meeting the expectations of the college. A second area of focus is to plan for the upcoming year by reviewing changes, goals, and expectations that will be implemented before the employee’s next review period.

We will develop a performance review criteria, and explain this to employees and apply the criteria to their areas of responsibility. There will be a self-evaluation review for each employee and this will be compared with the supervisor’s evaluation. The next step in the process is to discuss the findings with the employee, identify areas of weaknesses and determine a timeline to address those weaknesses either through in-house mentoring/training or through external training. We will also celebrate with the employee areas of success.

The IPE Unit analyzes the performance reviews of the employee and makes comments on the efficiency  and achievements of them, and the impact on the overall effectiveness of the unit.

ECMIT introduces measures to value, appreciate and reward deserving employees and address issues with those who do not meet the required standards.

Evaluation Process:

  1. ECMIT has developed performance review criteria for both academic and non-academic employees. These criteria and the evaluation methods are described in the performance review form.
  2. Reviews are to be conducted in April for the current academic year. Each employee is asked to do the self-evaluation using the standard form and submit it to their supervisor. The supervisor evaluates each employee of the Unit, compares it with the employee self-evaluation and discusses the findings with the employee. Thereafter, the supervisor submits the finalized evaluation for each employee to the ECMIT Performance Review Committee (PRC)/Institutional Effectiveness Committee.
  3. The PRC examines each evaluation; discusses the findings with both supervisor and employee, and takes appropriate action as described earlier.  In cases of adverse evaluation, the committee may decide to take any or a combination of the following actions ( as detailed the disciplinary and grievance document):
  1. Oral Counseling
  2. Written Warning
  3. Written Reprimand
  4. Termination of the Contract

Performance evaluations for all employees, both faculty, and staff, must be handed over to the human resources for recording by May 31 of each academic year.

Staff Promotion

It is the responsibility of each unit head to explain the evaluation and promotion process to the staff of their unit. Staff are entitled to file a promotion application with supporting documents to the unit head. The unit head reviews the documents, confers with the staff and makes a written recommendation to the committee chair. The committee considers the case within two weeks of the initial submission. Following supporting documents are needed:

  1. A formal letter seeking promotion that briefly justifies the promotion application
  2. An updated professional resume/CV
  3. Staff Performance Evaluation Form
  4. Peer evaluation, if available

The HR Officer informs the staff about the outcome of the application in writing. In the case of an adverse decision, the staff member has the right to file an appeal to the president within one week of the receipt of the letter. The president creates a three-member ad-hoc committee, who are not the members of the original committee, to review the appeal. The committee makes a recommendation to the president. The decision of the appeal committee shall be final .The HR officer shall inform the staff of the outcome in writing.

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