Student Affairs Committee


Manager, Student Affairs (Chair)

Manager of OPIE -Member

Registration Officer (Facilitator)

Admission Officer-Member


Other Information Student Representatives:

Reporting to:                                President

Meeting Frequency:                    As and when required.

Terms of Reference

  1. This committee helps to create a campus culture that is student-oriented and which promotes strong personal concern for the welfare, development, and success of all students.
  2. This committee maintains an effective advising system which assists students with their elective educational decisions and career choices.
  3. This committee coordinates an effective internship program, career development services for students and alumni
  4. This committee organizes and coordinates an appropriate student activities program including student governance and oversees student publications.
  5. This committee administers student conduct policies and related disciplinary and grievance procedures and establishes a wellness program for students and coordinates alumni relations.
  6. This committee initiates the process of conducting a series of annual surveys of student activity participants, existing students, alumni and employers. This committee also coordinates the “Parting Words” survey for graduating and existing students which will gather information about the transfer and employment patterns as well as student satisfaction with their experience at ECMIT.
  7. This committee evaluates the survey results to gain immediate feedback on the success of student programs and services and to guide necessary adjustments as needed.
  8. This committee prepares, recommends and administers the budget for the various offices in the division.
  9. The committee supervises and directs subordinates who assist students in addressing performance at the best possible levels in their courses within the limits of the resources and staff of the college.
  10. This committee assists in developing student discipline policies and their enforcement and is responsible for student discipline outside the classroom.
  11. This committee reports the performances of students, characteristics, and other studies needed for student development.
  12. This committee  oversees development of an orientation program for new students, the conduct of students and extracurricular activities conducive to promoting the personal development of students.
  13. It coordinates intramural athletics in relation to the overall extracurricular program of the college.
  14.  It consults and cooperates on matters involving placement and career services.

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