Prof. Nabeel A. Jurdi, Ph.D

President & CEO

ECMIT is a leading private English-medium institution of higher education that offers affordable and value based degree programs in Business and Information Technology. Studies in any of these areas will allow students to develop a solid understanding of the business disciplines, critical thinking, communication and analytical skills that employers will be looking for in the 21st century.

The college continues to grow and develop in order to meet the educational needs of the growing population of the UAE. ECMIT has added a new program to its academic portfolio; an American style 124 credit Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program with concentrations in Management, Marketing, and Human Resource Management. It has just been  approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE.

To further our mission to provide working professionals for the UAE, with flexible career-oriented education, ECMIT has established a Continuing Education and Professional Development Division that will be offering short-term training and professional development programs in Business, English Language proficiency, Hospitality & Tourism as well as other related areas.

ECMIT has played a significant role in the economic development of the UAE. Over a period of more than a decade, the college has graduated a large number of students who today occupy strategic positions in government, business, public and private sectors. Over the years, ECMIT has followed the ideal of practical independent thinking by teaching students the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in life. The college has nurtured this commitment in an academic environment responsive to the changing needs of the workplace and by providing strong career planning support and attention to the needs of each student.

ECMIT is an institution where students come first. We want to be with students all the way from the first day they arrive until the day they graduate. With a team of able and well-qualified faculty, we remain well prepared to continue with this tradition.