Technology Committee


Coordinator of IT Division (Chair)

Business Faculty – Member

Computing and Technology Services Manager (Facilitator)

Librarian -Member

Manager of OPIE -Member

Other Information

Reporting to: President

Meeting Frequency                                               As and when required.

Terms of Reference

The committee is charged with the assessment and planning of the technology support requirements of the college. The committee is coordinated by the IT administrator and its terms of reference are:

  1. This committee  ensures that there is provision of adequate safeguards for the electronic storage and backup of students records.
  2. This committee ensures proper budgeting for technology resources has been allocated to support and meet the student learning outcomes of the college’s mission and goals and recommends the budget for all operations of the Information Technology unit.
  3. This committee liaises with the academic affairs committee to ensure that there is the optimum infusion of technology in the teaching of all courses.
  4. This committee ensures the provision of training to all staff and faculty as required in the use of essential software
  5. This committee liaises with other college staff to design and implement software systems for academic and administrative use.
  6. This committee oversees the procurement, maintenance and upgrade of all computing and other technology resources in accordance with college’s purchasing policies.
  7. This committee also ensures that all members of the office of computing and technology services are well informed about the latest advances in computing and other technologies.
  8. This committee is responsible for conducting annual self-evaluation on the strengths and weaknesses of ECMIT’s technology resources and includes this in a report to the President for independent review and evaluation.
  9. This committee is charged with ongoing qualitative assessment of the technology support requirements of students and faculty.
  10. This committee oversees the technology plan, action plan, short-term and long-term plans and recommends the rapid change in the technology.

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