Greetings from the Center of Executive and Professional Development!

I am delighted to welcome you to the CEPD, ECMIT website. I have the privilege of overseeing the implementation of academic, vocational and professional development programs to fulfill the mission of the college.

Today’s employment market has seen a shift in employee competencies. At CEPD, we put emphasis on developing those competencies as adapting to the work culture, having a sense of belongingness, commitment, integrity and challenges of problem solving in the work environment. We strive to achieve excellence by emphasizing on integrated experiential learning through knowledge, critical thinking and engaging in issues that have global perspectives. Our focus is on active, engaged, and student-centered learning. Students thus, emerge not only with diplomas but with a set of skills, competencies and a career path that contributes to their success.

CEPD plans to take initiatives to cater to organizational needs for professional training and development. As part of CEPD’s mission, we will explore opportunities to partner with different professional agencies to offer inter-disciplinary non-degree programs. As the education sector evolves, the role of CEPD in today’s fast changing and challenging environment goes beyond just educating students. CEPD aims to inspire life-long learning. We believe that learning is best done in partnership with a community of learners. We are looking to harness the synergies across diverse spheres. CEPD aims to be a valuable learning partner of working professionals by providing structured learning pathways (diplomas and certificate programs) that combine practical industry knowledge integrated with skills.

You will find that the faculty at CEPD, ECMIT is dedicated to teaching and advising our students. In the College Library students expand and strengthen their learning. Technology at the college is a medium for learning and construction of new knowledge.  My responsibility, as Vice President, is to oversee this process, which is as inherently rewarding as it is challenging.

As we collectively engage in this journey of lifelong learning and mutual enrichment, I look forward to the learning and partnership opportunities that CEPD can have with you. I hope that you will not only browse our Web site, but come for a visit soon. We’d love to show you around!