BBA Program Launch

ECMIT has launched an American style credit based Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program from Spring 2013 semester (from January 2013). The program has been approved by the Ministry of Higher education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) of the UAE Government. The 124 credit curriculum is designed to equip the students with a broad based exposure to all aspects of business disciplines while focusing on three concentration areas Management, Marketing and Human Resources Management for rewarding careers. For a few selective courses, the classroom instructions are complemented by case studies of the real life businesses that will allow students to develop a solid applied understanding of the business disciplines. The program will be supported by a cadre of qualified faculty members with Ph.D. degrees and by modern learning resources. In addition, planning is underway to develop partnership and exchange programs with national and international academic institutions, and invite eminent scholars to teach in the program. ECMIT has played a significant role in the economic development of the UAE. Over a period of more than one decade, the college has graduated a large number of students who today occupy strategic positions in government, business, public and private sectors. With a team of dedicated instructors and staff members, we are well prepared to continue with this tradition.
ECMIT offers highly competitive and affordable tuition fees. Admission is now open for the program.



Academic Programs

  • Foundation Program

    It is a program that prepares you for admission to ECMIT and to other higher education institutions in the UAE. This two semester long program is designed for those students

  • Remedial Program

    The College offers two non-credit pre-collegiate remediation courses of study – one in English and one in Mathematics for applicants who show sufficient promise

  • Associate Degrees

    The Associate of Science in Business is a two year degree program that offers a sequence of required studies in general education consisting of 33 semester

  • BBA

    The mission of the 124 credit 4-year ( 2+2) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program is designed to provide students with the business, management

  • CEPD / HND

    The division of CEPD will support the mission of ECMIT by offering a wide variety of career and professional development programs for professionals,

  • General Education

    The general education courses are designed to educate you with the knowledge and expertise of the intellectual and cultural life, to enhance your ability